Can You Spot the UFO in This Space-Themed Brainteaser?

It takes the average person 76 seconds to identify the UFO hidden in this space-themed illustration. Take a close look at the hidden image puzzle below and see if you can beat that time.

Rainbow Riches Casino
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In the era of drones, airplanes, and satellites, most apparent unidentified flying objects are easy to identify. That hasn’t stopped some people from scanning the skies in search of visitors from other worlds. If you want to believe, you can exercise your flying saucer-spotting skills with the hidden image puzzle below. 

UFO hidden object puzzle.
Rainbow Riches Casino

This brainteaser from Rainbow Riches Casino contains a celestial scene crowded with planes, planets, rockets, and hot air balloons. Tucked among the objects known to science is an alien spaceship. 

According to the designers, it takes the average person 76 seconds to spot the UFO. Only 10 percent of people are able to complete the challenge in less than 30 seconds. See how long it takes you to solve the puzzle above, or view an enlarged version of the picture here. The truth is out there, but you may have to search every corner of the image before checking the solution.

If you’re still stumped after looking for a minute or two, you can find the unidentified flying object circled on the next page of this article. UFOs have been a hot news topic in the summer of 2023, but their history goes back centuries. Here are more facts about strange objects and phenomena that have been observed in the sky.