There’s a Ghost Hiding in This Illustration—Can You Find It?

Sheet the ghost is somewhere among the many, many rabbits that have invaded the cemetery.

Good luck!
Good luck! / Dudolf
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The Hungarian illustrator Gergely Dudás, who is known to his fans as “Dudolf,” has spent the past several years delighting the internet with his hidden image illustrations, going back to the time he hid a single panda in a sea of snowmen in 2015. In the years since, he has played optical tricks with a variety of other figures, including a mouse hidden among squirrels and a doe concealed amid stags. For this brainteaser, Dudolf is asking fans to find a pet ghost named Sheet in a field of white bunny rabbits.

As we’ve learned from his past creations, finding the hidden image is very tricky. It looks similar to the objects surrounding it, so our brains just sort of group it in as being “the same.” You’d better concentrate if you want to find the little ghost hidden among the rabbits.

In the puzzle, the bunnies have clearly invaded the cemetery where the ghost is hiding. Rabbits do have a history of invading places: In 2023, a bunch of lionhead rabbits took over the Florida town of Wilton Manors. The bunnies appeared after an irresponsible breeder released the animals into the wild. Rabbits have also run amok after being introduced to places like Australia and New Zealand, where they now compete with native wildlife for resources.

The bunnies aren’t the only ones in the above hidden image puzzle with a surprisingly dark past. Sheet the ghost may be cute, but actual bedsheet ghosts were far from charming. People in 19th-century Britain would sometimes pretend to be ghosts for fun. Cheeky pranksters, however, weren’t the only folks raiding the linen closet. Criminals would cover themselves with white sheets while committing theft and violent assault. There’s even one recorded case of a ghost impersonator who was tried for manslaughter after scaring an elderly woman to death.

If you’ve scanned the landscape again and again and can’t find Sheet, go ahead and click here or head to the next slide to see where he’s hiding. And if finding the adorable little ghost has made you want your own supernatural friend, you may want to check out the haunted doll market. But be warned: the spirited toys can sell for hundreds—and even thousands—of dollars.