There's a Better Way to Use Your Potato Peeler

Capelle.r/Moment/Getty Images

Few kitchen tasks are as tedious as peeling potatoes. But if you want latkes, french fries, or mashed potatoes with your meal, it’s the fastest way to starchy perfection. Fortunately, there’s a better way to peel potatoes, and you can try it with the peeler you already have in your kitchen at home. 

As Simplemost reports, this easy potato peeling method was recently spotlighted on TikTok. In the viral video, user jenniabs3 reveals why the blade of a typical peeler is loose enough to swivel back and forth. Instead of removing the skins by pushing the peeler away from you repeatedly, try swiping the tool up and down the tuber. The angle of the blade will adjust automatically, allowing for smooth, fluid motions. In addition to feeling less awkward, peeling potatoes without lifting the blade saves you time, and every second is precious when you’re getting through a chore you hate. 

As is always the case when handling sharp objects in the kitchen, using this trick requires vigilance. If you’re not used to the rhythm, you could easily slice open the hand that’s holding the potato. Go slow and steady when trying it for the first time, and make sure your tool is high quality. A dull peeler can actually be more dangerous than a sharp one because they’re more likely to slip and require more pressure to use, resulting in a greater risk of injury.

It may look like one of the simplest items in your drawer, but a basic potato peeler is full of surprises. After using the swivel trick, you can flip the implement around to dig out the potato’s eyes using the tiny scoop at the end of the blade. And if you don’t have a peeler at home, or don’t feel like using it, this boiling water-to-ice bath method is foolproof.