Skelly Who? Meet Home Depot’s Newest Giant Skeleton—A 13-Foot Jack Skellington

Move over, Skelly—The Home Depot's latest colossal skeleton decoration is giving everyone a new reason to crave Halloween in July.

Make Jack Skellington the true king of your pumpkin patch this Halloween.
Make Jack Skellington the true king of your pumpkin patch this Halloween. / The Home Depot
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Fans of Tim Burton’s animated classic The Nightmare Before Christmas know that Halloween comes but once a year. Over at The Home Depot, however, you can get a jumpstart on transforming your lawn into Halloween Town with a little help from one of the retailer’s newest offerings: A 13-foot, animatronic version of Jack Skellington.

The colossally sized Pumpkin King (which retails for a cool $400 on the site) isn’t the home improvement store’s first foray into the realm of giant skeletons. Back in 2020, they introduced their now infamous 12-foot skeleton.

Affectionately known as Skelly, the ginormous $300 decoration quickly went viral online and has sold out several times. Now with Jack joining the line-up ahead of the 2023 holiday season, it seems like Skelly might finally have a little competition in the pumpkin patch.

Ursula the Sea witch from "The Little Mermaid," from the Home Depot 2023 Halloween collection.
Jack and Skelly aren't the only Home Depot Halloween decorations worth checking out this year—Ursula is pretty commanding too. / The Home Depot

One of the big things that separates The Home Depot’s Jack from his 12-foot bro (beyond price and size) is that he’s animatronic. He sings parts of “Jack’s Lament” and dances, plus his head and mouth move at the same time, making for a delightfully creepy spectacle that's sure to make your house stand out more come October. You can even opt to take his head clean off and swap it out with an angrier one, as the model comes with two interchangeable versions. Additionally, the figure comes with built-in, glowing LED lights, which according to the retailer, “illuminate the face to create a spooky glow.”

It’s all part of The Home Depot’s new Halloween collection, which includes a 12-foot ghost, a 7-foot, inflatable Ursula from The Little Mermaid (with matching eels), and even a limited-run restock of the much-beloved Skelly. If you want to make Skelly shine more next to Jack, you can grab this new $30 lighting kit, which will make his ribcage glimmer in a particularly eerie way.

No matter which one you choose, one thing's for sure—with these decorations at home, you don't have to wait until October to start planning the spookiest (read: best) time of year. Grab your 13-foot, animated Jack Skellington from The Home Depot today and everyone on your block will be hailing to the pumpkin song in no time.