Can You Spot the Hedgehog Hidden in the Fall Leaves?

One of the elements of the cozy scene below is not like the others. Can you spot the hedgehog in the autumn-themed hidden-image puzzle in less than a minute?

247 Blinds
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Along with cozy sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes, traipsing through crunchy leaves is one of the simple pleasures of fall. Just make sure to look before you leap into the next leaf pile you see—you never know what critters are hiding in the foliage. In this seasonal brainteaser, a dozing hedgehog has made itself comfortable among the leaves, nuts, and pinecones. If you’re looking to get into the fall spirit, challenge yourself to find the hidden image below. 

Autumn hidden image puzzle.
247 Blinds

This puzzle comes from the designers at 247 Blinds. It shows a cozy scene that resembles an average backyard in autumn, but one element in the picture is not like the others. Though it may be hard to spot at first, one of the seemingly inanimate objects has an adorable face. Take a close look at the image and see if you can identify the hedgehog in less than 60 seconds. And if you find yourself wanting to stare at the pattern even longer, it’s also available to purchase as a roller blind. 

If you’ve ever wondered why leaves change color in the fall, the answer comes down to chemistry. While some autumnal leaves may appear more vibrant than their summer counterparts, those brilliant scarlets and golds are actually a sign of decay. As the days get shorter, trees produce less chlorophyll and deprive their leaves of their green hue. The reds, yellows, and oranges only come through when their natural coloring fades. 

After staring at the colorful scene for a decent amount of time, you can check the solution on the next page. Here’s another autumn-themed visual puzzle to tease your brain.