Can You Find the Frying Pan Hidden by the Holiday Mess?

’Tis the season for holiday baking mayhem.
’Tis the season for holiday baking mayhem. / metals4U

The season of presents accumulating under the tree is also the season of dishes piling up in the sink. Kitchen disasters aren’t something most people want to associate with the holidays, but they’re unavoidable this time of year. To prepare yourself for the mess you might find after making ham, latkes, or figgy pudding, check out the hidden-image puzzle below.

Holiday hidden image puzzle showing messy kitchen sink.
If anything, this hidden image puzzle may inspire you to clean your kitchen. / metals4U

This brainteaser from metals4U shows a sink overflowing with dirty plates, bowls, and mugs. Hidden among the chaos is a single aluminum frying pan. According to the UK-based metal supplier, just one out of five people are able to spot the cookware in less than a minute. Take a hard look at the scene and see if you can beat that time.

If you don’t like to be reminded of the chores that await you this month, there are plenty of cheerier (albeit less realistic) holiday-themed brainteasers to choose from. This colorful illustration shows a happy elf in Santa’s hectic workshop leading up to Christmas Eve. In this image, candy canes, gingerbread men, and Christmas trees are hiding a single present. Give them a try if you’re stumped by this puzzle.

Still having trouble spying the frying pan in the messy kitchen? You can find its secret location in the solution below. And when the holidays arrive, don’t be afraid to assign your guests clean-up duties to avoid this situation in real life.

Solution to holiday-themed messy sink hidden image puzzle.
Ta-da! / metals4U