Can You Find the Car With Its Headlights on in This Brainteaser?

One of the cars in this hidden-image brainteaser from iCompario has its headlights on. The average person takes 45 seconds to spot it, and 25 percent of people give up on the puzzle all together.

Look closely.
Look closely. / iCompario

A car’s headlights are typically easy to spot, especially when they’re shining in your eyes while you’re driving late at night. But the safety feature is less apparent in the brainteaser below. While most of the cars in the illustration have unlit headlights, one driver forgot to turn their’s off. Take a closer look at the image and see how long it takes you to find the car with its headlights on.

Car headlight hidden image puzzle.
Find it? / iCompario

The comparison website iCompario put together this hidden-image search anyone can use to test their attention to detail. The picture shows dozens of vehicles of various colors and models lined up in rows. Only one car in the scene has yellow headlights, which indicates they’re still activated. 

According to the creator, it takes the average person 45 seconds to pinpoint the car with the lit headlights. If that makes the task sound easy, don’t get too confident. iCompario also reports that over a quarter of people gave up on the puzzle without solving it. 

Give yourself at least 60 seconds to study the brainteaser before running out of gas. If you’ve spent a minute searching and still can’t spot the car that’s not like the others, check the answer at the bottom of the article. For a different type of brainteaser, this puzzle challenges you to look for words instead of images.

Solution to car headlight hidden image puzzle.