Can You Spot the Nose-Less Jack-o'-Lantern?

A Halloween brain teaser.
A Halloween brain teaser. / Dudolf
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Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás, known online as Dudolf, has clearly taken some inspiration from Martin Handford. His busy illustrations that encourage readers to focus on finding hidden figures is reminiscent of Handford’s Where’s Waldo? series.

This hidden object puzzle Dudás’s created is Halloween-themed and tasks viewers with trying to find the jack-o’-lantern without a nose in a sea of carved pumpkins.

Can you find the pumpkin without a nose?
Can you find the pumpkin without a nose? / Dudolf

If you found it, congratulations. And for those of you still craving more, we also have this other visual puzzle from Dudás, featuring a lone ghost hiding within an army of skeletons.

If you didn’t find the rhinoplasty-stricken pumpkin, no problem. Scroll to the next page to find the solution.